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DMTF’s CIM and interoperability

April 6th, 2010 jmguilla No comments
Computer administration and Caveats ( how DMTF’s CIM can help )

I had a great exchange with one of co-workers today about interoperability and how Linux OSes are good and far better than Windows OSes. His point of view is that thanks to SSH and the Linux’s shell ( and POSIX ) it is really easy to manage a set of Linux computer. That’s why the Linux community does “many” things for the interoperability sake… Even if I am a Linux fan boy, I can’t join that point of view…

Have you already heard about DMTF? DMTF stands for “Distributed Management Task Force”, presided by Winston Bumpus, who is a core individual @ VMware’s. As you can guess, that group is implied in several initiatives to bring interoperability to administrators. One of the main initiatives is CIM, built to dynamically discover and manage resources. A useful interface… And guess what??? Who is the only OS provider implementing it??? Our dear Microsoft for its Windows products ( shipped by default with Seven, server 2008… ).

Thus, who is doing the most for interoperability?…