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What a Java Engineer should do…

April 30th, 2010 jmguilla

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How to improve your skills?

A short story about a guy who absolutely wants to maintain his level in programming Java

If you are like me, you are really concerned about what you should do daily to keep on being at top level in programming Java. The recipe is simple: READ and PRACTICE. For everyone sake, I am sharing my favorite feeds ;)

  • Pure Danger Tech: Alex Miller’s Technical Blog. In my opinion, the most interesting guy in the Web Java Ecosystem. He gives many advices regarding concurrency, is really implied in Java SDK development, and founder of the Lambda Lounge, which is a Lamda Language User Group. Be sure not to miss anything written by this amazing Java developer.
  • DZone: Java Lobby. A Java Database filled in by many users. A big source of information, in every Java fields.
  • Java Black Belt: Building Better Developers. The best way to practice online. You have access to a big exam database and prepare yourself to graduate. Your  programming level is determined by your belt color, from white to brown. So far, black belt exam is not available. Several exams for almost all important Java frameworks are free. This is a very attractive website as anybody can contribute and the top contributors are all part of the best known Java developers. This ensure a fast pace improvement for your level.
  • API Design Blog. The blog to promote the well known book: “API Design Book“.
  • Java.net: The source for Java Technology Collaboration. Tips and experience shared by top developers. Many advices about frameworks, IDE, API…
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